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Sat May 16, 2020, 10:00 AM - Sat Jun 12, 2021, 10:00 PM (PDT)
Sequoia Elementary School, 3730 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA, United States  

Welcome to East Bay Chinese School Online Registration for 2020-2021 Academic year. Are you a new student? If so fill out the new student intake form and someone will contact you with information to fill out this form.

East Bay Chinese School is a Saturday-only Mandarin school for children and adults who are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese since 1981. Currently, we are located in the Dimond District of Oakland. We offer classes for children as young as four years and ten months old. We also offer both Language and Conversational Class for adults and children. Our student body is consisted of both native Chinese speaking families and non-Chinese heritage families. Our language class is held from 9 am to 12 noon on Saturdays during the school year. We also offer free culture classes to our students on most Saturdays from 12:00 noon to 12:50 pm.
East Bay Chinese School teaches Chinese with Pinyin. We use a traditional Chinese textbook and we cover both traditional and simplified Chinese in our classrooms.

東灣中文學校成立於1981年。是一間為有興趣學習國語的兒童和成人在星期六提供教學的學校。目前,我們位於奧克蘭的鑽石區。 東灣不但為小至4歲10個月的小朋友提供課程,還為成人和兒童提供語言課和會話課。 我們的學生包括從中國移民來的家庭和完全沒有中國背景的家庭。 我們的上課時間是每個星期六,語言課從上午9點到中午12點﹔文化課(免費)從中午12點至下午12:50點。

東灣中文學校用漢語拼音教學。 我們使用的中文教科書是繁體字,但課堂上會同時教繁體字和簡體字。 更多詳情請點擊這裡。

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Sequoia Elementary School

Sequoia Elementary School, 3730 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA, United States
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